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I live in a small, but growing village in Carmarthenshire, not too far away
from the beautiful Welsh coastline and its fabulous sandy beaches. I am
a new writer. Writing began as a hobby and it may be true to say has
blossomed into a passion of mine. But I have always enjoyed literature.
It was a subject close to my heart from a young age, and during college
years I studied…yes …literature, and that of Science. I qualified as a
teacher under the University of Birmingham, and set off to teach in
London, Essex and Coventry, later returning to Cardiff and Port Talbot.
That was the year I also made it to the Lady Spencer Churchill College in
Oxford to specialize in teaching deaf children. We were a fairly rare
species in those days. Professionally my work brought me to Swansea
and Carmarthenshire, where I then took a B.A. degree in ‘Special
Education.’ My paramount interest was in language development
affecting non-linguistic children. So that’s me!

Where to buy Magic Islands

From this website or…
Cambria Publishing, Llandeilo. (In stock)
Cover to Cover, Swansea. (In stock)
Waterstones, Carmarthen and Swansea…or any Waterstones on order.
Goldstones, Carmarthen. In stock (signed)
Tenby Bookshop. Tenby. In stock (signed)
Llanelli House, Llanelli.
Amazon uk. Paperback and ebook.
The book is also available internationally and online.
The list of stockists will be updated from time to time.


Footnote on Magic Islands:
Children will need to be fairly fluent independent readers, or the book
can be read and shared by both adult and child.
Either way, sentences are usually short, and paragraphs not too long.
Written in a simple language for 8+ to age 12.
Magic Islands is a fun story, a bit dark in places, but pure fantasy.
There’s loads of magic, and in the story you will meet some intriguingly
strange characters.

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