About Me

Irene Edwards

Hello Reader

I’m Irene, now retired from teaching.

Here’s some information on my background.

B.Ed. (Sp. Education).  Specialist Teacher of the Deaf for Schools/Health.

Holding /Fantasy Writing Diploma/ in /Children’s Writing/ and /Editing.

As an educator, I initially taught Primary level in many regional major towns and cities in the UK; London, Essex, Coventry, Midlands, Cardiff, Port Talbot, Swansea and Carmarthenshire. It was the path of these posts that led me to qualifying as a Teacher of the Deaf at The Lady Spencer Churchill College, Oxford, working at first within unit settings and later moving to peripatetic, for schools and clinics. The variety of work brought me into contact with special needs students, and those with hearing impairment, of all ages from babies to Infants, Junior and Senior levels.

I knew how vastly important literature and language was to the structure of speech and language development, and on retirement began to research into the imaginary minds of children and their world of literature and writing. I had always written short stories, or longer poems for children. I looked closer at children’s books for definitive age groups, and began to believe in my work of writing. In a short space of time I have now become a published writer of the ‘Magic Islands Series,’ and I hope you all enjoy reading it.