The Magic Islands Series

The ‘Magic Islands’ Series

Magic Islands. Book one.

The magic happens, and in the first book the ‘Magic Islands,’ a magical wish on a Conch Shell, found amidst rubbish on a beach in Wales, by children searching for beach items on a school field trip creates the mystic beginning of the story. Two of the children, namely Stefan and Megan are whisked into the air and are taken to a group of invisible magical islands where they become marooned and at times endangered. They meet many unusual magical characters, such as witches, wizards, dragons and elves, and are told of ancient legends. The children need to find a way to return back to their school class, but instead are faced with the mischiefs of the wicked Purple Wizards.

Chaos in the Cosmos. Book two.

When the Wizard of the Magic Forest, Ambrosious, performs his magic spell he evicts the Purple Wizards from the Magic Islands, and they are sent upwards into the skies on a magical flight to be returned to the Red Wizards Vortex, but a sudden impact with a Space Ship takes them on an entirely different path as they head towards Mars. When their need to escape Mars becomes a threat, they develop new powers and journey on a magical mystery tour, leading them to a venture whereby their mischief causes Global warming.

Ambrosious waves his wand and destroys the curse of the Magic Islands, once performed by the Hook-Eyed Monsters.  The adorable naughty Scratchit, a baby Hook-Eyed Monster, swims away from the Magic Islands and is lost as he discovers Stefan’s garden. But Scratchit’s naughty tricks cause havoc when Stefan and Megan disappear again on a school trip to Merlin’s Cave and Castle in Cornwall.

This time the children are asked to help with a rapid and sudden Global Warming crisis.

The Novels are intended to appeal to… 8+ to 12 age and to those children who enjoy magical intrigue, mystery, magic and comedy.

The genre is Fantasy designed for the child to pick up and read, or to be read out loud by the adult or as a book for shared reading between both adult and child.

It is a novel, so it does have a lot of words.

Suggestions of further work/ discussion connected to the book series would be;

   1   As a geographical and social awareness of coastal islands, wild life and habitat.

2   Survival of sea life.

3   Survival on land.

4   The problems of modern-day plastics…how detrimental are they.

5   Extinction of a species.

6   Climate change and erosion to the coastline

7   A discussion on the rising levels of the seas.

8   Disasters

9   How can we deal with saving our planet?

10 The Heavens

11 Space and Black Holes. What are they?

12 Moral issues…rudeness and respect.

13 What are manners?

14 What is right or wrong?

15 Questioning…what would you have done or said?

16 Greed and generosity…identifying these aspects within the stories.

17 The importance of good behaviour by an individual to society.

18 The importance of sharing.

19 Being helpful to a community.

The world of magic, as linked to the imagination.

The world of magic, as linked to the imagination of a child is where the truths and untruths are allowed to grow into a wider picture of comparisons.

There is that of fact /truth, and imaginary/ non-realistic.

One might ask a child if any of the story can be ‘believed’ or what could possibly have been a dream, or is it really magic, and what is magic.

                                          ‘Believe it or not.’